Kevin starred in the short film, Dancer, in the role, The Producer. The film was made as part of SATO48-17 ( Directed by Thomas Turbyeville.

About: When a theatre producer sits down to a meeting with his director he sees a mysterious picture that has a powerful effect on him.

Counting To 1000

Kevin performed the role, Higgins, in the short film, Counting To 1000, that won three awards: Best Student Project (Central Florida Film Festival), Best Cinematography – Short (Deep in the Heart Film Festival), and Best Student Film (New Orleans Horror Film Festival). Directed by Josh Pfaff.

About: Counting To 1000 is a crime thriller short film examining the idea that good and evil is not always black and white. Detective Callow examines this gray area while investigating a gruesome, botched home invasion attempted by Donny, a low level criminal, and his merciless crew. During an interrogation, Donny and Detective Callow piece together what went wrong with what should have been an easy job, and discover that the intentions of those involved are not at all as they appear.

Shadow Bound

Kevin is executive producer of the web series, Shadow Bound, and performed the creature character, The Hollow One, that he won the Best Character award for in the 2015 Bilbao Web Fest. Shadow Bound received 5 awards and 15 nominations in national and international web festivals. The series is written and created by Nathan Shelton. Episodes are directed by Jason Brasier, Garrett Tripp, Nathan Shelton, Sam Sweet, Sam Long, and Kevin Keppy.

About: Shadow Bound is a 90-minute Lovecraftian horror web series that follows famed pulp horror writer, Jack Pickman, as he returns to his childhood home after the mysterious death of his estranged father. Upon his arrival, Jack discovers his brother has been institutionalized in an asylum. Reeling from this news, Jack begins his investigation and discovers evidence insisting that his father’s last case may have been to blame for his untimely death. Jack sets out with his two childhood friends to uncover the truth about the strange happenings in Veritas. Soon they find themselves in a desperate race to save the world from an ancient evil that has emerged from the shadows.


2014 International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV; Las Vegas, NV, USA)

  • Nominated for Best Cinematography

2014 LA Web Fest(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

  • Awarded for Outstanding Cinematography
  • Awarded for Outstanding Score

2014 Vancouver Web Fest(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

  • Nominated for Best Horror

2014 Melbourne WebFest(Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

  • Awarded for People’s Choice Award

2014 Miami Web Fest(Miami, FL, USA)

  • Nominated for Best Horror
  • Nominated for Best Director
  • Nominated for Best Makeup
  • Nominated for Best Set Design

2015 Roma Web Fest(Rome, Italy)

  • Official Selection

2015 Bilbao Web Fest(Bilbao, Biscay, Spain)

  • Awarded for Best Character (Kevin Keppy as Hollow One)
  • Nominated for Best Web Series
  • Nominated for SciFi/Fantasy/Horror
  • Nominated for Production Design
  • Nominated for Original Score
  • Nominated for Lead Actor
  • Nominated for Cinematography

2018 Ozark MountainWebfest(Branson, MO, USA)

  • Awarded for Best Overall Actor (Nathan Shelton)
  • Nominated for Best Horror
  • Nominated for Best Overall Writer (Nathan Shelton)
  • Nominated for Best Overall Music (Bryan Arata)

Strange Happenings

Kevin is a producer of the web series, Strange Happenings, and performed the antagonistic role, Corman. Directed by Brittney Greer.

About: Strange Happenings is a short form series that follows paranormal journalist, Nicole Tesla, who receives surprise funding from a mysterious backer who has a love for the strange and unusual.

Scum Of The Earth – Dance Mother****er (Music Video)

Kevin performed as the alien creature in Scum Of The Earth’s single music video. Directed by Chris Canote.

The Father, The Son (Trailer)

Kevin performed as the creature in the short film, The Father, The Son. Directed by Bret Hoy.