Kevin Keppy is a 6'5" actor and creature performer in film and theatre in Los Angeles, California. He has credits in award-winning web television productions, short and feature films, music videos, and theatre productions.
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Kevin Keppy – Actor, Creature Performer

"We All Float Down Here" in the It Chapter Two Parody

Kevin had the opportunity to play Pennywise The Dancing Clown in the LA-based production company, Another Funny One Productions' It Chapter Two Parody directed by Tiffany Tynes. This was the second time that Kevin worked with Another Funny One—the first time was for the upcoming season one finale of the comedy mini-series, Just Roommates.

It Chapter Two Parody can be seen here on YouTube.


Motion Capture and Action Classes with The Mind's Eye Tribe

Kevin recently attended classes with The Mind's Eye Tribe Action Actor's Academy founded by TJ Storm, a man of many roles on screen and in motion capture. Kevin participated in the full-day intensive class, Introduction To Motion Capture, followed by Performance Capture Bootcamp—two incredible classes that gear actors toward working in the world of motion capture.

Following, Kevin attended the Action 101: Stunt Fighting Basics that offered information and hands-on training of stunt combat in front of the camera.

Kevin looks to pursue more classes with The Mind's Eye Tribe. More information about the academy can be found at


Mind's Eye Tribe Action Class

Clown Training at The Clown School

With the strong desire to train and learn more about the clown, Kevin searched for a good school in LA and instead found a great one: The Clown School. Vulernability, trust, listening, seeking pleasure, and being emotionally connected are a few of the principals of clowning, all of which also relates into acting and daily life.

He has completed Clown Level 1 and Clown Level 2 and plans to attend the final Clown Level 3 course in January, 2020.

More information about The Clown School can be found at

The Clown School – Level 1

A New Horror Story Podcast

Kevin lent his voice for the horror podcast, Necrologist News Network, in its premiere episode, The Kid Who Kried Klown. Kevin portrays the character, Kilbob the Klown, a children's television show host who aims to teach naughty children valuable lessons.

The podcast can be heard on iTunesGooglePlay MusicSpotifyPodcasts.comStitcher Radio, and TuneIn.

There's More To Fear In The Basement

Jenny Goes Into The Basement is an upcoming short horror film soon to debut in select festivals around the country. Kevin portrayed the character, Basement Creature, in this story about the personal anguish that a lonely child can feel in her home.

More information about the film can found on IMDb.

The Roaring 20s Like Never Seen Before

Introducing SHADOW BOUND, a 90-minute black-and-white silent horror web series that is available to watch for free on YouTube. Kevin is an executive producer of the web series and is featured as the lead creature, The Hollow One.

SHADOW BOUND has won 5 awards and received 6 nominations in web festivals around the world. Kevin won the award of Best Character for his role as The Hollow One at Bilbao Web Fest in 2014.

About: Famed horror writer, Jack Pickman, returns home after the strange death of his father. Jack discovers evidence that his father’s last case may have been to blame for his death. He sets out to uncover the truth and finds himself in a race to save the world from an ancient evil lying within the shadows.

New Times, New Headshots

It's good to update one's headshots and Kevin sat down for a photoshoot with Springfield, Missouri-based photographer, Chuck Travers, for a series of photos that display the dramatic side of life.

You can view Chuck's portrait and rural landscape photography at